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Case Studies

The only FDA approved laser-based treatment for gum disease & tissue regeneration

Case study #1:
advanced bone loss

Patient presented with advanced bone loss, swollen gums, gingivitis with infection and missing teeth on the upper right. The teeth were extracted and bone grafted in preparation for dental implants. Implants were placed and restored with porcelain crowns and in function for 8 years. Patient is seen on a regular basis for dental cleanings and evaluation of dental implants and porcelain bridgework.

Case Study #2: Iris Schwartz

Patient presented with acute gingivitis and progressive periodontal disease that required periodontal therapy. Periodontal cleanings are performed on a regular basis to maintain a healthy periodontal condition. Later on in treatment a root canal tooth fractured that required immediate extraction and dental implant placement. The tooth was restored with a crown and has been in function for a number of years.

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After Procedure

Initial x-ray with decay and fractured root.

Before Procedure

Post operative x-ray with tooth extracted and implant placed.

Case study #3:
severe bone loss, gum recession &
advanced periodontal disease

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