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We at Madison Avenue Periodontics take the health and safety of patients and staff alike very seriously.  We will go above and beyond to ensure a safe environment for all.  In line with CDC guidelines we have made additions to our already stringent infection control protocols:

Patient screening:  All patients will be asked about general health and potential exposure to COVID 19 prior to their visit.  In addition, temperature will be taken on arrival.

Patient flow:  All patients will be scheduled on a staggered basis as to allow for social distancing.  We offer the opportunity to be called from outside the office when you are ready to be seated.  Patients can check out remotely eliminating the need to stop at the desk upon completion of treatment.

Additional Steps:   We have always employed state of the art infection control and universal precautions in our office.  In light of additional risks we will institute additional protocols.

  • All staff members will wear N95 masks at all times.
  • Physical barriers have been placed at the front desk to enhance social distancing effectiveness
  • Central UV/ionizer air sterilization units, which will kill airborne pathogens have been installed
  • All operatories and office space will be sprayed routinely with a broad spectrum disinfectant/fogger which eradicated all surface pathogens on contact.
  • High volume evacuation systems will be used during treatment to minimize aerosols.

These additional measures along with previously established protocols will provide the safest possible environment for all.  Listed below are links to the infection control products we will employ as well as links to the New York State Dental Society and CDC for reference.

As always, we thank you for your trust and confidence.

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