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Bone Grafting

A Firm Foundation For Dental Implants

Grafts Improve The Results
of Dental Implants

A beautiful smile needs a solid foundation of healthy bone. Your bone volume may be lost over time as a result of prolonged gum disease, or the natural deterioration of bone that occurs when a tooth is removed.

This low bone density can present several problems:

  • Your facial structure changes appearance, such as a receding chin.
  • Dentures do not fit as well or feel as comfortable resting on your gums.
  • Inability to successfully place dental implants due to low bone density.
  • The sinus membrane sags into empty space left by your bone tissue.
Stages of Bone Loss

Benefit of Bone Grafting

Fortunately, your bone structure can be fortified with bone grafting, a procedure performed by our doctors at Madison Avenue Periodontics which transplants bone to your weakened jaw structure. Grafting materials can be integrated with your existing bone, and over time, will forge a stronger base for your dental implants or dentures. Donor tissue for your graft may be collected from another site on your body, such as the chin area, or from a bone bank.

  • Bone grafts are safe and effective
  • Restores the correct shape of your face
  • Enables the placement of dental implants
  • Restores comfort to denture wearers
  • Improves self-esteem and beauty
  • Returns the ability to eat the foods you love
  • Maintains the health of surrounding teeth

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Preserve & Protect Healthy Bone Density

Bone grafting is an excellent treatment to prepare you for tooth restoration, or to preserve the bone you have. Grafting material spurs your body to rebuild its structure and is incorporated in the following procedures:

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

Bone grafts can build up the structure that supports your gums when the loss of a tooth results in an indentation, restoring the contour of the tissue.

Ridge Preservation

Ridge Preservation

Grafting material can be placed immediately after tooth extraction to ensure that your bone volume remains healthy during the resorption phase.

Sinus Augmentation / Lift

Sinus Augmentation / Lift

Bone grafts are placed under the sinus cavity (upper back of the jaw) to combat bone loss. In some cases, the sinus membrane must be lifted out of the space.



Planning in advance before teeth extraction can also allow us to decrease the immediate bone loss that occurs, particularly with the ridge preservation procedure. This is a very important procedure that can make future placement of implants much more predictable and less costly. Set up a consultation today to discuss your best options with us.

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